ASIAN SYMPOSIUM ON Motor Control in Biomechanics 2019

2019年4月19日(金)、本学田町キャンパス内キャンパスイノベーションセンター(CIC)にてASIAN SYMPOSIUM ON Motor Control in Biomechanics 2019 (バイオメカニクス運動制御に関するアジアンシンポジウム2019)が開催されました。

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Motor Control Symposium at Kuramae

The Motor control Symposium at Kuramae will be held as follows. Please attend it.

  • Program

      • 12:30  Registration
      • 13:00  Dr.Yasuharu Koike (Tokyo Tech)
      • 13:30  Dr.Tamar FLASH (Weizmann Insutitute of Science)“On the generation of complex movements: planning, compositionality, and coordination
      • 14:30  Dr.Atsushi Takagi (Tokyo Tech) “The more the better:physical interaction in groups”
      • (15:00 Break)
      • 15:30  Dr.Jun Izawa(Tsukuba Univ) “Minimizing the effect of internal model uncertainty on reaching performance”
      • 16:00  Dr.Ken Takiyama (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology) “Towards a unified model of motor control and learning”
      • (16:30 Break)
      • 16:40  Dr.Yoji Uno(Nagoya Univ) 

3rd Human Centric Symposium

Date and time: August 7th (Tue) at 3 pm ~ 6 pm
Place: [Suzukakedai campus] R2 1st-floor, Open communication space,
[Ookayama campus via polycom] Ishikawadai, Bldg. 1, 1st-floor, #153

Program :
(1)15:00 Dr. Marco Santello(Director, School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, Arizona State University)
「Integration of memory and sensory feedback for dexterous manipulation」

(2)16:00 Dr. Atsushi Takagi(Specially appointed assistant professor, IIR, Tokyo institute of technology)
「Sensorimotor interaction between humans 」

(3)17:00 Dr. Ludovico Minati(Specially appointed associate professor, IIR, Tokyo institute of technology; University of Trento, Italy; Polish Academy of Science, Poland)
「Electronic non-linear networks as models of neural dynamics」

Thank you for joining us!

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